Open Source initiatives

  • Infrastructure As A Service
    • Openstack “We strongly believe that an open development model is the only way to foster badly-needed cloud standards, remove the fear of proprietary lock-in for cloud customers, and create a large ecosystem that spans cloud providers.”
    • Eucaplyptus “Eucalyptus enables the creation of on-premise private clouds, with no requirements for retooling the organization’s existing IT infrastructure or need to introduce specialized hardware. Eucalyptus implements an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) private cloud that is accessible via an API compatible with Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.”
    • Nimbus “Nimbus is an open source toolkit that allows you to turn your cluster into an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud.”
    • Like Eucalyptus, Nimbus has implemented EC2 compatible web interfaces to allow management code developed against EC2 to continue to work on Nimbus.

  • Platform As A Service
    • Cloud Foundry “Cloud Foundry is the open platform as a service project initiated by VMware. It can support multiple frameworks, multiple cloud providers, and multiple application services all on a cloud scale platform.”
    • AppScale “AppScale aims for full compatibility with Google App Engine Applications, and is capable of much more.”